I started a podcast with my best friend many moons ago as mentioned in this list: WE'RE MAKING A THING 🔊 We'd love for you to take a listen and hopefully you find it entertaining.
  1. Static
    Do You Even... is a podcast created by two bros, David and Jon. They share personal stories about current feelings, challenges, sex, relationships, and personal growth.
  2. Episode 0: Do you even intro
  3. Episode 1: Do you even podcast?
    At one of their favorite watering holes, David and Jon start talking about podcasting and decide to stop talking about it, stop dreaming, and just start recording. https://soundcloud.com/doyoueventhepodcast/ep-1-do-you-even-podcast
  4. Episode 1.5: Do you even date?
    David schools Jon about emotional intelligence in relationships after Jon reads him a series of texts with a love interest. https://soundcloud.com/doyoueventhepodcast/ep-1-5-do-you-even-date
  5. Episode 2: Do you even fill that clam?
    Jon tells the story about his first college hookup while also failing at recording a podcast. https://soundcloud.com/doyoueventhepodcast/ep-2-do-you-even-fill-that-1
  6. Episode 2.5: Do you even have sexual awakenings?
    David and Jon talk about the themes they’ve touched on so far and what this podcast could be. Also, what makes good sex? *Warning*, this episode got cut-off at the end. https://soundcloud.com/doyoueventhepodcast/ep-2-5-do-you-even-get-sexual
  7. Episode 3: Do you even hate fuck?
    Jon reads his work-place horoscope to test it’s accuracy. Somehow, the conversation devolves into the concept of “hate fucking”. https://soundcloud.com/doyoueventhepodcast/ep-3-do-you-even-hate-fuck