My definition of a hero is someone who consistently devotes themselves to helping others despite the dangers. In this case the dangers can come from war, or from entities who have an interest in shutting you up. I have others but I thought I'd focus on a few that aren't so well known.
  1. Harry Belafonte - You might be thinking, "wow this guy really likes calypso music." Although I kind of do, it has nothing to do with the music. Harry is actually one of the most consistent activists in civil rights movement both inside the US and internationally. He is also a huge activist for the poor. He was one of MLK's biggest supporters.
  2. Noam Chomsky - This bro right here is one of the smartest guys on the planet. He's currently a professor at MIT but he's written hundreds of books analyzing the US's foreign policies and social structure. Put simply, he basically makes you re-learn history and it's not pretty. Our media and text books leave out a lot of shit.
  3. Jeremy Scahill - This guy is the one responsible for exposing Blackwater. (Google it if you don't know) Now he's focused on Obama's drone program. This guy actually goes to the middle east and does REAL journalism, all in an effort to bring justice to those who don't have a voice.