I know I'm the minority here, but my thoughts none the less.
  1. You're throwing your vote away
    If I play on a team that loses, did I throw the game away?
  2. A vote for a 3rd party is a vote for (insert most hated candidate)
    Which is it? Hillary says it goes to Trump, and he says it goes to Hillary. By that same logic, a vote for Hillary is a vote for Jill Stein. Ridiculous argument.
  3. A 3rd party can't win
    Winning isn't the criteria I vote for. Do you cheer for the other team if your kid sucks at soccer? Also no one can win if you don't vote for them.
  4. Just vote for the lesser of two evils
    No, I refuse to accept that the "greatest nation on earth" can only produce two evil candidates.
  5. We live in a two party system, we always have.
    Incorrect. It's actually more like a one party system that has managed to convince you that their minor differences are noteworthy.
  6. Congress will block a 3rd party, nothing will get passed.
    Umm..Congress has blocked Obama for eight years
  7. So you're okay with Trump winning?
    No I'm not. I'm not okay with him even on the ticket, but don't blame me for Trump and then act like it's okay to screw democracy by forcing a vote for one candidate out of fear of nuclear war from the other. That's called extortion.