1. Baby Piñata
    No, not a miniature piñata, a piñata shaped like a baby. No sane person enjoys beating a hanging baby with a stick.
  2. Kitten Piñata
    Not a kitten-shaped piñata, but rather a piñata stuffed with kitten-cuteness. This may sound like a good way to surprise your kid with a kitten, but trust me...don't do it.
  3. Spaghetti-Piñata
    Gets really messy, looks like guts are flying everywhere. Kind of entertaining really.
  4. Enemy Piñata
    Fill with gunpowder and strike-anywhere matches. (Advise not to attend this party)
  5. Surprise Bees
    Relocate a hornet's nest into your piñata. They (the bees) actually love it because it's similar to their natural nest. They don't enjoy the whole beating-with-a-stick thing though...