1. Backpack Blitz
    Scenario-A man yielding a backpack filled with normal items (books, computer, whatever) slowly enters a packed movie theater. The man walks to the front of the theater, throws the backpack on the ground and runs out as fast as he can. The object of the game is to predict the amount of time till someone mentions the word "Muslim".
  2. Mom Sext
    Find your friend's phone, change your contact name to "Mom", and start texting him/her conversations about sex from your phone. Object is to see how long you can keep it up till they figure it out.
  3. Trump Rally Gun Rental
    No surprises on this one. Construct a lemonade-style booth with a sign that reads, "1 hour gun rental = 20$". Object is to simply see how many sales you get. The great part is that you will most likely not get kicked out because, well...guns.
  4. Guess the Vegetable
    Not for the faint of heart. I won't go into too much detail but let's just say it involves a blind fold, no clothes, and an array of luke-warm vegetables. Unfortunately this probably won't get picked up by any cable networks.