This is how I slowly "don't" myself to death.
  1. Don't brush your teeth too hard
  2. Don't eat too late
  3. Don't judge
  4. Don't compare yourself to others
  5. Don't eat too much sugar
  6. Don't forget to floss
  7. Don't play on your phone too much
  8. Don't let your kids see things not meant for kids
  9. Don't forget to be thankful
  10. Don't forget to change the air filter for the AC
  11. Don't lift weights without your wrist strap
  12. Don't let the kids play on their tablets too long
  13. Don't forget to drink more water
  14. Don't be antisocial
  15. Don't lie
  16. Don't stare at butts
  17. Don't interrupt
  18. Don't stress out