My go-to fashion aesthetic in high school

Inspired by @sarahgorman @cree @elmospimpingme
  1. Weezer hoodie "If it's too loud, turn it down."
    Loved this thing and wore it way too often.
  2. Some sweet round Laura Ashley glasses
    First time I wore contacts was on graduation day (good choices).
  3. These weird stretchy headbands!! Remember these!
  4. Friendship bracelets
    Made them for all my friends!
  5. Ball necklaces
    The bigger your balls, the more bad ass you were
  6. Band shirts
    I was such a follower, lol. If you knew me now you would not believe the type of stuff I was in to in high school!
  7. Skater shoes
    Mine were dark gray with a teal swoosh... I would still wear those today if I could!
  8. 'Blades
    Oh my gosh, so much nostalgia. We all thought we were so cool changing out our wheels and bearings, taking off the stopper... god I miss childhood. Can we make rollerblades a thing again?!
  9. No makeup!
    I liked being plain jane I guess!