Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Uninteresting to everyone but me, probably 😎
  1. Scentsy Rainbow
    I'm a Scentsy consultant and save thing to share with my customers. I am always immediately drawn to things in Rainbow order!
  2. I love you around the world
    I love foreign languages, it was my major in college. Thought this was neat!
  3. Bold Rock Apple IPA
    Drank this in a bar on a trip to Asheville. So good, need to remember it!
  4. Top 10 best dog foods
    From that one time I decided I would be a good pet parent and feed my dog the best rated food... until I remembered that I am poor.
  5. Peach Raspberry Moscato Mule
    These are like all my favorite words in on sentence. Must have recipe!