TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up 📺

I also used to sit right in front of the tv because my eyesight was so poor!
  1. Home improvement
    My dad really wanted to be Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor I think!
  2. Family Matters
    If I remember correctly, part of T.G.I.F. line up?
  3. The Simpsons
    Mom was not such a fan of us watching this one for a long time!
  4. South Park had given up caring by the time this came out and also thought it was hilarious!
  5. Roseanne
    Aunt Jackie looks and talks a lot like my aunt Nancy!
  6. Step By Step
    I don't remember much about this show!
  7. Boy Meets World
    A classic
  8. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
    Obviously because our name was also Cooper
  9. The Nanny
    My mom probably hated Fran Drescher's voice though, seriously