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I like Twitter because of these accounts
  1. Jane Malave (jane_malave)
    Jane is my sister and she is THE FUNNIEST PERSON I KNOW. Hands down. Her RTs and rants are what a true New Yorker feels.
  2. Alvin Borum (PatchOHoulihan1)
    Alvin is my soulmate. He is informative on every topic you could ever imagine. He's my favorite male on this planet.
  3. Cut4 (Cut4)
    The comedy side of baseball. Aka me in Twitter form.
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I hate Halloween and am forced to participate. Here's what I got from my closet to make a costume.
  1. Witch
    I wore all black
  2. Cat
    I wore all black and put on eyeliner
  3. Baseball player
    I wore a baseball jersey
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