I was born in Brooklyn & went back & forth b/w NC & NYC. I moved back when I was 19 & lived there (Queens & Manhattan) for a decade. so you know, things happened.
  1. when I slapped a camera out of a tourist's hands on 5th Ave near Rockefeller Center because he was in my way on my way to work
  2. when I got mad that a guy stabbing people on the 2 made me late for work
  3. telling my friends when they came to visit that if they wanted to go to Times Square, I would give them a MetroCard and a map and happily send them on their way
  5. doing a walk of shame (or stride of pride if you rather) during the Puerto Rican Day Parade
  6. getting kicked out of a house party on Avenue A because someone came into the apartment and stole the guy's computer
  7. slipping on ice in front of all of my Columbia Music Hum students outside of the Metropolitan Opera on the way to see Marriage of Figaro
  8. when my bassoon teacher threatened to get my life right or turn me away, KNOWING that I had to take a bus and FOUR TRAINS to get to her apartment & I was terrified
  9. cursing out a cabbie while on the phone with my father because he tried to take me a different way to Queens College from La Guardia than the way I said
  10. me not paying that cabbie
  11. my dad saying, "that's my girl."
    He's from Brownsville.