as requested!
  1. puppets. SO MANY PUPPETS.
  2. and why so many talking animals?! like do you not have the money to hire human actors?
  3. sometimes people are dancing and they should NOT be. (unless it's that boss House of Fraser commercial)
  4. the jokes are like dad jokes?
  6. I don't think I've seen so many commercials for butter before. AND I LIVE IN AMERICA.
  7. why are there so many commercials for vacuums?
  8. why in ads for things like furniture stores, etc, when something costs £500 you just say the number, like "this loveseat? only 500!" 500 what?! crabs? buckets? steaks?
  9. also, when you say a price, if it's £499, instead of saying "four ninety-nine" you say "four nine nine" … what IS that?!
  10. if it's unclear what you're selling than it's not a very good commercial