Movie soundtracks are one of the things that make a good movie one step better. For me they can really make a movie what it is. This list has some of my my favorite movie soundtracks ever.
  1. Tron: Legacy
    Not a great movie, but the soundtrack is amazing
  2. Up
    Best Pixar score I think. (The Incredibles is really good too.)
  3. Interstellar
    Hans Zimmer really captures how dangerous, yet beautiful space is in this excellent score.
  4. Rocky
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    This music really gets me wanting to do something active!
  5. Jaws
    Ba dum, ba dum, bum bum bum bum bum bum! It's John Williams.. What can I say?
  6. Inception
    Inception is an extremely well crafted film, and the soundtrack by Zimmer only brought it up. The score captures all of the emotions the movie tries to portray.
  7. The Bourne Trilogy
    The music by John Powell in this series is extremely intense and I find myself listening to it a TON. I love how much this music adds to the movie. It makes an intense scene just THAT much more intense and better.
  8. Jurassic Park
    Another soundtrack by John Williams! The music portrays the wonder and danger of nature.
  9. Indiana Jones
    John Williams once again! And who doesn't love the Indiana Jones theme?
  10. The Dark Knight Trilogy
    I love the music in these movies so much. Composed by James Newton Howard, and once again, Hans Zimmer, this soundtrack is the definition of epic.
  11. Lord of the Rings
    Composed by Howard Shore, this music is so epic and amazing in every way. It is sad and inspiring and, just everything. I LOVE IT!
  12. Star Wars
    I literally like cannot put into words how much I love the music in these movies. John Williams has created what I believe, the best soundtrack ever in these movies. Even if the prequels were not good, the music was still amazing. Every single movie the new themes continued to be amazing. The music flows so great with the movies. My favorite theme in the soundtrack would have to be Han & Leia's theme. It's so wonderful I can't even explain.