Netflix Shows I'm Into:

Will add to this list every time I get into a new show on Netflix
  1. Daredevil
    Absolutely love this show and everything about it. The acting, the story, and oh my the fight scenes are so great.
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    So funny, so great, Neil Patrick Harris makes the show.
  3. Luke Cage
    Really good, makes me excited for The Defenders.
  4. The X-Files
    So obsessed with this show right now.
  5. The Office
    Honestly have probably watched this show more than any other show on this list.
  6. Parks & Recreation
    Love this show so much. Hours of laughing have resulted from p&r.
  7. Arrested Development
    I started watching this but then got a notification that Seasons 1-3 were being taken off so now I'm zooming through the show
  8. Friends
    it is illegal to not do the clap thing when the theme song comes on
  9. Stranger Things
    if you haven't watched this get what are you even doing. Also have watched season 1 five times.
  10. Sherlock
    Just started this but actually love it so much
  11. How I Met Your Mother
    this show was needed to replace the hole in me after i finished friends