1. Long stares
    Looking into someone almost like you can link your own thoughts with theirs yet never really knowing what they're thinking
  2. Unapologetic brush against the skin
    You know how we always apologize when we bump elbows or knees with the person sitting next to us? What does it mean when we bump and don't say sorry, then inevitably stand up and walk our separate ways?
  3. Repeated awkward eye contact
    You catch them looking, then again, and all of the sudden you realize you're looking too
  4. Fixing someone's clothing
    I noticed what you're wearing. I guess I liked it, but I had to make it perfect.
  5. Catching someone crying and responding with a smile
    I know you're not happy but seeing you return my smile with a teary almost-smile makes me simultaneously happy to help, empathetic, and glad I'm not the one crying.