Inspired by @sophster
  1. She's cute
  2. She's adorable
  3. She has awesome short hair
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  4. She is HILARIOUS
    Like...when she makes a joke, it's so funny. I laugh about it for days usually.
  5. She is clever
    She comes up with unique solutions to every day problems and has great ideas always.
  6. She's adorable
    Did I say that before? Yes? Well, she is.
  7. She's loving
    She loves everyone and everything to pieces. She gives big hugs and has a huge heart. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Her eyes are so pretty 💙💙
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  9. She makes awesome faces
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    We both love making crazy faces--between the two of us, we have a lot of weird fun facial contests 😂
  10. She's a great actress
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  11. She loves babies
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  12. She always wants to be helpful (and usually succeeds)
  13. She's a hard worker when she wants to be
  14. She's never afraid to try new things
  15. I ❤️ my baby (she's not little anymore but she's still the best)