A cliché story to maybe illustrate a point
  1. When I was in 4th grade, I decided I wanted to go to Dartmouth for college
  2. This idea persisted until I was a freshman in high school...
  3. At which point I decided Dartmouth was not my thing
  4. And I wanted to go to U of Iowa for creative writing
  5. And then I wanted to go to Oberlin because everything about it sounded perfect
  6. But then in sophomore year Oberlin didn't seem so great compared to so many other similar schools
  7. And then I visited some colleges in junior year
  8. And had no idea where I'd want to apply
  9. And then I applied to 20 schools just this past week
  10. And when someone asks what my first choice is, I can't answer
  11. I used to be so sure