Crêpe a la Lisa

Merci beaucoup, @Lisa_Fav !! 😍
  1. @Lisa_Fav gave me some confiture de lait to take home and share with my family, @gwcoffey , @mamiecoffey and @sophster ❤️
  2. So tonight we made crêpe to try it and of course if you're making crêpe you must get Nutella and Gruyere
  3. And of course if you're getting Gruyere you must make French omelette
    Who doesn't love fluffy egg with gooey cheese?!
  4. So of course we made 4 of each crêpe type so we could each try them all.
    Top L->R: Gruyere, Nutella ;; Bottom: Confiture de Lait
  5. The Coffey Crêperie should really be a thing, honestly, because these were amazing.
  6. Thank you Lisa for this deliciousness from Normandy
  7. YES PLS 😍😍
  8. What a beautiful dinner.
  9. And of course I wore my cheesy Paris shirt for the occasion and also because I still miss Paris
  10. But even though I miss Paris so much, thanks to Lisa we had a great excuse to make crêpe and try the confiture de lait which was amazing by the way !! Smiles all around!