High school graduate ?

I graduated from high school on Saturday (1 week ago) but it still doesn't feel real
  1. For all y'all who have been wondering, I will be attending Valparaiso University in the fall. I leave Phoenix on Aug. 18!! But it hasn't hit me for real yet...
  2. I graduated last Saturday (May 21) 😱 it was a fun, sad, exciting, crazy, surreal evening.
  3. So surreal, in fact, that when I went up to get my diploma, I held it, shook his hand, faced the camera, smiled, and then walked away without taking the diploma. I had to turn around and grab it as an afterthought 😂
    Headmaster: "wait, you take this! You're all done!" Me: "oh..yeah..! That's right!"
  4. I love my teachers ❤️ I will miss them.
  5. One of my best friends, Belle (Isabelle), was this year's valedictorian. Her speech was 💯‼️
    She's headed to NY for college and I'm hoping to visit her there at some point 🙏🏽
  6. My boyfriend took this "lovely" photo after the ceremony which just captures the moment: a whirlwind of activity, commotion, emotion...but a happy one, with me smiling through it 😹😹
  7. Here's me on the first day of school this year, at my campus. Can't believe the year is over. ❤️💔
  8. I love my family. My sister is missing from this but... Without my lovely parents, @gwcoffey and @mamiecoffey , I would not have made it in one piece or with so much joy. I love you!!!
  9. This is not from grad nite but I ❤️ my sister, @sophster
  10. She is a light. Even when you think the (metaphorical) room is already as bright as it can be, she brightens it.
  11. She is hilarious and adorable and oh so sweet and considerate and loving and just lovely.
  12. I've come a long way from this seventh grade girl who first came to Veritas.
  13. Goodbye, friends. 'Til we meet again. I'm sure we will.
  14. YO ADRIAN!!!! WE DID IT!!!!
    Now I can relax. While I'm not actually by the beach right now (this pic is from freshman year 😂), I feel free and light and relaxed, and I'm sure as soon as it all sinks in, it'll feel a little bittersweet, too.