A story of compulsive nostalgia
  1. Tootsie Pop wrappers
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    One time, my mom told me that on some tootsie pop wrappers, among the pictures there is a picture of "an Indian shooting a star" but it doesn't appear on all of them so when she was little, 7/11 did a promotion where you could bring in wrappers featuring the Indian shooting a star and get a new tootsie pop. Now I keep all my wrappers with the "Indian". Since then, I have become deeply superstitious that I can predict whether my wrapper will have the Indian shooting the star before I unwrap it.
  2. Dutch Bros stickers
    I don't really like Dutch bros that much but I've had so many moments with friends at Dutch Bros and there's one down the street from me that my sister and I used to bike to to get a smoothie sometimes, so I always get the monthly sticker.
  3. Receipts from my favorite places/purchases
  4. Mementos
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    Little keepsakes from moments that made me happy (i.e.; pottery fragments I found in Italy, movie ticket stubs, bottle caps, etc). I keep the best of these in a box I decorated for that purpose.
  5. Boxes
    Every time something I buy comes in a cute, durable box, I keep it to collect more little things in
  6. Hotel card keys
    I always keep these just to remind me of how fun it is to be away from home and then how good it is to be back home
  7. Old planners
    As if the planner at all represents my year. I have all my planners back to 8th grade..
  8. Paint chips
    When my sister and I were little enough to be home with mom all day, if she had errands at the hardware store, she would placate us by letting us pick a paint chip from the huge colorful rack. Thus whenever we went to Home Depot, etc., we would ask, "can we pick a color?" To this day, every time I'm at the hardware store, I take a paint chip and keep it in my desk drawer.