1. Every night before I get into bed I say "I love you" to my fuzzy grey comforter?
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  2. Ernest is a name and earnest is an attitude?
  3. Marsupials exist?
  4. CocaCola owns the rights to the shade of red they use?
  5. When we like being around someone we hold onto their hand?
    "It's not enough to be here with you, in close proximity to you. I also have to constantly be touching you and restricting your dexterity and motor freedom."
  6. Sunglasses aren't called "shade-glasses" ?
  7. We have 3 names?
  8. Jello ? ! ? !
  9. When something is funny we arrange our vocal chords to produce undulating sounds and then force air through them in abrupt bursts?
  10. When we are sad, water falls out of our eyes and our face muscles contract?
    Seriously how does crying relate to the feeling of being sad?
  11. We cover our feet in tight layers of stretchy fabric and then looser layers of thicker fabric?
  12. Elephants have trunks?
  13. We can so easily post a list on listapp but to sit down with a loved one and read the same list aloud is so hard?
    (Or is that just me?)