Those things kids do and get a thrill out of that are fun and cute to remember but not at all fun now
  1. Blowing bubbles in milk
    Then: wow look at all the bubbles! How high can I get them to bubble up before they overflow? Woah, look how smaller bubbles combine to make big ones! This is a fun noise, I like straws... Now: ugh messy ugh milk eew what am I doing
  2. Jumping off the swing
    Then: I'M FLYING Now: I think I just pulled every muscle in my body and is that sand in my mouth?
  3. Coloring books
    Then: COLORING. CARTOON CHARACTERS. Fun! Now: ummmm I could be eating pizza right now.. 💭🍕🍕
  4. Those giant exercise balls for yoga or whatever
    Then: woah I can bounce reaaalllyyyyy high on this! Look..if I land on it like this, I can fling myself through the air! Now: this thing takes up a ton of space, ok, great, time to kick it out of the way again..
  5. Eating apples
    Then: I feel so grown-up, look at me eating my non-cut-up apple! Now: what am I supposed to do with the core?
  6. Saying words like cinnamon and cumber
    Then: simm-a-nim? Sin-ma-nim? Sin-a-mim? He he cumber. Cucumber! Cute cumber! Snozz-cumber! Now: cinnamon. Cucumber. Bye.
  7. Poop jokes
    Then: *laughs uncontrollably* Now: what is wrong with you, you infant?