1. A little light comes thru the window from the moon outside--
  2. A little light sneaks beneath the door.
  3. A little light from my lamp, as I turn it out--it flickers, then dark
  4. But a little light lingers in the bulb for just one moment.
  5. Little lights pepper the audio display by my speakers--
  6. I forgot to power down the system before I climbed in bed.
  7. Little lights streaky, reflected, along the side of my bed-frame,
  8. From the outlet adapter underneath.
  9. A little light winks at me from my laptop charger.
  10. A little light flashes off, on,
  11. All night long
  12. On the smoke detector.
  13. ~~~
  14. The city looks like little lights, from a height, a distance;
  15. The mountain tries to escape little lights, but a little light from sunset hides along its edge.
  16. Little lights flicker from houses just below...
  17. And it's midnight.
  18. I close my eyes, abed or abroad, and little lights swim across the darkened eyes,
  19. Reminding me I'm still a part of a
  20. World of little lights.