Superficiality sugar-coats my life, ain't it nice
  1. Tiffany Blue / Lighter teals
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  2. Mary & this dress
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  3. Antique typewriters
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    These 2 are mine ❤️ the blue (notice the color) is 1965 and the Royal is 1925
  4. Psychedelic rainbow lights
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  5. 2016 Honda Accord hubcap
    9cc2797a d9c6 4e75 b944 2097195d9be1
  6. Crazy ice queen
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  7. Shiny lips
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  8. B/W selfie / hair
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  9. Teabags & plain white mugs
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  10. White shirts w jeans
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  11. Sunset, city lights
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  12. When I take out my messy bun 🌀
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  13. Marble statue in Roma
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  14. Carefree beach days
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    Complete w aviators and suntans
  15. Hard Rock Roma graffiti
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  16. These eggs
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  17. Goddess
    98c3084f 1c82 40c0 ad79 b427d71adc3f
  18. *clink*
    B0187015 4f3c 44eb 8fb4 33aca5a481bd
  19. My round rose-tinted sunnies
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  20. Phx by night
    Bb4cd7e1 3f0f 4b7c 9278 0cea923ad60e
  21. Athena at the UC Berkeley library
    A3fbb391 bbf2 432c a340 04ccab4a58f7
    A literal goddess
  22. La la la 💖
    78e76610 aaf3 4c91 8a98 5137e97218f4
  23. My pleated vintage dress
    1967639f f723 463c 9765 6746df932c0d
  24. This circle cat
    02c136ac 5d5b 48e0 80bd c0e4a8ee939f
  25. Duuuuhhhhh
    1939f7f6 3046 474e a2cf 60bdf77c7694
  26. Pantone
    A769c8b0 f93c 4c58 be45 184c010c098b
  27. @sophster and I as littles
    Fbcd5298 a5ce 44db bd1a 21b7a65e7902
  28. Me & Herodotus
    8cf5b033 ff47 4869 a004 edb14abb83be
    Mostly Herodotus ❤️❤️❤️
  29. Bella Italia
    F26ff84e 55e2 4dad 88ac 2f4ab208e0f5
  30. Singing faces
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    6cb4a0c8 4d04 4aa0 94eb 424426929703
  32. Smudged streetlights in the rain
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  33. Sweaters
    18b8ac94 8fb8 40b6 8749 2d7c0322fe42
  34. Ordered clutter
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