O, Music...

(an ode to choir) with various words from songs I've sung in choir, as well as a few of my own.
  1. O, Music, come and light my heart's dark places.
  2. My soul with love of noble things fulfill. Awake in me such love no time effaces...O, voice divine, sing on, and I shall hear!
  3. O music, make me strong to conquer sorrow. Awake in me my spirit's inmost ear. Then fear I not the silence of tomorrow!
  4. I am in need of music that would flow over my fretful feeling fingertips, over my bitter-tainted trembling lips! Of some song...sung to rest the tired dead... A song to fall like water on my head, and over quivering limbs, dream flushed to glow...there is a magic made by melody, a spell of rest, and quiet breath...
    This is me with my beautiful choir director from the past 5 years. 💙
  5. Sing to me...
    Me with our amazing pianist of the past 4 years. Love this guy.
  6. Sing to me something of sunlight and bloom, sing no more of sorrow and gloom...
  7. Sing no more of the world's noise and strife. Sing to the beauty and brightness of life!
  8. If music be the food of love, play on! Play on!
    (My director and I last year, my junior year spring concert)
  9. May 5, 2016
    My last high school choir concert. My 30th Veritas concert. My 2 good friends and I cried through the night💙😁 there is so much ahead but this has been an inexpressibly important part of my life.
  10. I'd like to build the world a home, and furnish it with love... I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...
  11. Singing frees my soul.
  12. And though winter is round about me,
  13. There are bright summers and springs yet to be.
  14. Goodbye Veritas choir.
  15. Hello, whatever the future holds. May I always be singing, in my heart or aloud.
  16. There are so many things I love about singing, and choir...too many to list.
  17. To the world: sing to me.
  18. My calc teacher told me, "Isabel, if you wrote a book, it'd be called 'the music of life.'"
  19. Sing to me,
  20. Sing to me...
  21. Sing to me.