Inspired by @lilydiamond
  1. Seeing parents being sweet with their kids in public
  2. Crisp, new binder
  3. When someone smiles at you across the room even though they don't have to and you know it's genuine even though it doesn't change anything between you--it's the moment that matters
  4. Harmonizing with any song
  5. City Phoenix sunsets, streaked with airplane trails, long spread clouds resting behind the mountains, when the mountains are gray and flat against the pink and orange and yellow, their edges crisp, the whole array looming over the smoggy, lit up, sprawling city...
  6. Climbing into a warm, cozy bed after climbing out for a minute
  7. The sound of the wind in the dry autumn trees
  8. Hot tea in a warm cup on a brisk day
  9. Clothes that fit juuuuuust right
  10. When someone surprises you by paying for dinner 💙
  11. Spring / winter's end: Phoenix mornings when the air temperature is not hot or cold, but precisely non-detectable, and a light breeze blows so you feel the air moving and smell the warm coming
  12. Driving fast and smooth on the freeway in no traffic
  13. Driving alone at night with the windows down
  14. Moments of nostalgic de ja vu when you recapture your childhood for just one fleeting moment
  15. Quiet evenings in the city, when all you can hear is the rush of traffic, the 'ding ding' of the light rail, and the hum of passing conversation
  16. Julie Andrews--any time, any place
  17. Putting on socks in the morning
  18. And so many other momentary, unnamed, unarticulated things that make life more beautiful