It has been gorgeous out lately. I hardly want to be inside.
  1. Rosencrantz and @sophster chillin on the front lawn
  2. Flowers ❤️
  3. Guildenstern the Tree-Cat
  4. My favorite kiddos at the Biltmore Mall tunnel under the road
  5. Really pleasant temps ❤️👏🏾👏🏾
  6. The neighbor's cat. He's roughly the same age as our cats and I very much want to steal him. He is adorable
  7. Sky-dwellers
  8. The most beautiful evenings
  9. This tree at my school blooms splendidly this time every year. I'm gonna miss that tree...
  10. Ohhhhhh, Phoenix. I love you.
  11. Voting the other day! @gwcoffey and I have the exact same face. We got stuck in line at the polling place but it was lovely out so we didn't mind. Photo cred to @ChrisK
  12. Bonus: happy (albeit blurry) Isabel driving with the windows down!! Don't worry, I was stopped when I snapped the pic.