Just a couple of the great ones I've had—I happen to have photos with them from graduation last night!
  1. Mr. Pagani
    A huge nerd, an articulate and careful speaker, a clinical thinker with a flair for the poetic, and my Latin/Greek teacher 3 of the 6 years I've known him. He's smarter than I'll ever be and better at Greek than I thought was possible. I love this guy.
  2. Mr. Colgan
    We had a rough time in Calc 1 last year, but after he stopped teaching me I realized he's actually awesome. Now that I'm not frustrated by his class I've had a chance to get to know him better and we teased back and forth when he came on my choir trip this year 👍🏾 I always enjoy friendly mockery of my teachers 😂
  3. Ms. McCaleb
    There are no words. She is a goddess. She never actually taught me formally but from afar I've learned so much.
  4. Mr. Sifert
    It seems we are incapable of getting a normal photo 😂 my lovely thesis advisor, T sifes (mr. Sifert) is the sweetest person I know even though he works pretty hard to hide it. He's also mega smart so.
  5. We tried.
  6. Mrs. Rathsburg
    I've listed about her before. She is my muse.
  7. Mr. Dickerson
    Ahhhh! He's so intense, hilarious, and a consistent advocate for reason above all else (in a good way). He constantly reminds us to have integrity and strive for knowledge. I'm so lucky to have had him twice, especially this year—it's been incredible.
  8. Ms. Bassi & Mr. Dick
    An unfortunate set of names, but some of the most awesome people ever. Ms. Bassi is loving and hilarious, and Mr. Dick is sardonic, wanna-be jaded, and super chill with a habit of listening in on incriminating student conversations, joining in, and then successfully blackmailing them later as if he had no part 😂
  9. Mr. Sullivan
    The man. The legend. Most beloved man on campus and a mentor of mine. Also the least cynical old man on the planet.