My side of the story listed here: THINGS @IMC JUST DID
  1. Looked at my Greek study guide for the monster quiz I have tomorrow
  2. Said "do you pluralize things according to the Greek plural '-odes' all the time now that you know Greek?"
    (In the past we have discussed how the plural of "octopus", which is a word derived from Greek, is properly "octopodes" according to the Greek paradigm)
  3. Made a joke about the English word "ode" and pluralizing it as such; "...and then when you have multiple odes, it would be 'odesodes"
    To which I replied that "ode" comes from Latin
  4. Said "ohhh so the plural of ode must be odum"
    To which I replied "that's singular accusative!" (Because it is)
  5. Looked at me with a mixture of bewilderment and amusement
  6. Pointed & laughed at me, calling me a nerd
    In conclusion, I think I may know more Latin and Greek than is absolutely necessary.