1. The banter
    So many quick pop culture references. Lorelei/Rory conversations flow naturally and are fun to (try to) follow.
  2. Emily
    Kelly Bishop is a goddess 👑
  3. The pop culture
    Just wanna reiterate how many pop culture references are in this show. It's remarkable. And makes it so believable because we talk about PC so much on the daily.
  4. Luke
    Luke is a fascinating character and it's fun to try to predict him.
  5. Coming of age story
    Always a good move on the part of any artist
  6. Relationships
    Every sub-plot in this show is about people trying to learn to understand one another and build their relationships. Lorelei & Rory start this trend in the first episodes. Then Lorelei and Emily have to work on it, and Rory and Emily, Lorelei and Luke, Jess and Rory, everyone in between... To some extent, any show is about this but GG definitely emphasizes the importance of understanding the people you love and want to love.
  7. Paris Gellar
    So funny and extreme. She cracks me up.
  8. The books!
    So much love for books and so many book references.
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  9. Characters with real character
    When I watched it originally (in my twenties) I thought Lorelai was super cool and Rory was drippy. As a mature woman rewatching I now think Lorelai makes terrible life decisions and Rory is my new heroine. I still don't like Dean OR Jess.
    Suggested by @cordeliane