Requested by @ChrisK
Suggested by @ChrisK // this list took me SO LONG to write I'm sorry Chris..this is just such an emotional topic 😂😭😂😭💞💓
  1. They're pretty
  2. Manual control
    When I utilize my fine motor skills to the utmost it makes me happy 🙃🙃 I love that depending on how hard you press the keys, the ink will be darker or lighter, and if you type really fast, the letters might be a smidge closer...
  3. The sound
    Clickity-click 👌🏾
  4. Every single typewriter is slightly different even from others of the same year, make & model, because they're made by hand
    Which means each machine will handle slightly differently ❤️
  5. Ding!
    🔔 a routine reminder to shift the paper and a sort of metronome to my writing rhythm
  6. This is Edith. She's my 1925 Royal #10
  7. She's just so perfect. I love that she's missing the H stem so you literally cannot type an H on her. Everyone has flaws ❤️
  8. This is Betty, my 1965 Smith Corona Corsair Deluxe
  9. She's sleek, portable, elegant, and quick. 💜
  10. I love having these 2 on my dresser because they add whimsy to my life.
  11. I often type first drafts of my writing on Betty because I feel like it's more personal than a computer--I actually connect with the machine as I craft my words--and more methodical than a pen and paper--there's a bit of noise and effort involved in typing, which means I'm thinking and acting very deliberately instead of just scribbling.
  12. There's just something so deliberate, careful, intentional...about typing on a manual machine like this.
  13. The keys have a lot of distance between them so your fingers really have to stretch and lurk, like an adventure.
  14. There is a physical connection to the writing that simply does not exist any other way.
  15. The sound of the letters hitting the paper, and the bell singing at the end of each line, and cranking the paper down to the next line... The muffled click of the space bar, the indescribable sound when the stems get tangled...
  16. I love the moving parts.
  17. I love the rhythm of typing this way.
  18. I love the personality of each machine.
  19. I love pulling a freshly typed page out and smelling the ink.
  20. I love adjusting the ribbon and getting ink on my fingertips.
  21. I love mis-typing a letter and not being able to fix it.
  22. I love that Betty does not have a key for the number 1!!
    You have to use a capital i
  23. I love touching Edith's discolored keys and knowing that somebody in the thick of the Roaring 20's did as well.
  24. I love holding Edith and feeling the sturdy weight of her metal frame.
  25. I love Edith's glass panels.
  26. I could go on and on but
  27. ...
  28. I love feeling connected to writers of the past and hoping that someone in the future will take care of my machines and love them as I do.