1. Popular
    Freshman year, everyone working to discover and mimic the herd's mentality (isn't that kind of circular?)
  2. Something Bad
    Waiting for the teacher to hand back my test. Every time grades are about to come out--impending doom, worst case scenarios playing out in my mind, logging into that website...
  3. What is this Feeling?
    Fighting with friends or the one class you can't stand--where there's high school, there's unadulterated loathing. Just watch any high school movie ever, you'll see.
  4. Dancing Through Life
    Senioritis. Enough said.
  5. Defying Gravity
    Receiving awards, good report cards, college acceptance letters, and moments when respected teachers praise a comment or an essay... Moments when peers feel united, even though that's fleeting.
  6. No Good Deed
    Every school has that teacher who punishes everyone for every insignificant thing. I call my school's chupacabra.
  7. A Sentimental Man
    Sometimes I imagine this is how teachers might feel watching their students grow up and move on