I am currently on a 12 day Alaskan cruise with a target market of 50+, today I ate too much.
  1. A whole milk latte.
    I LOVE illy coffee and this cruise has it, I've been over indulging.
  2. That second whole milk latte.
  3. Two fried eggs, fruit, a croissant with butter and a sticky bun.
  4. Another croissant and sticky bun.
    Pull it together girl...
  5. Another whole milk latte in Haines, AK.
    This time it was iced, and I asked for skim but they ignored me and I was too nice to correct.
  6. Ice cream from the same shop.
    Moose tracks and Alaskan berry in a waffle cone.
  7. This is embarrassing and it's only noon, I totally am regretting this list.