Panic at the disco is technically an American rock band but many of their songs have a more pop/alternative sound. They have about 5 albums with another coming in 2016 (Death of a bachelor) and multiple singles and EPs including one of their songs which featured in the motion picture Jennifer's body. These are my top ten picks.
  1. 10. Nine in the afternoon
    This is one of the calmer/ less rock themes in the way it's sung but it's a nice song that will bring a good mood to everyone and possibly calm you to sleep.
  2. 9. Hallelujah
    I'm not a religious person but I like the messages in the this song even so.
  3. 8. Hurricane
    Another extraordinarily energetic song by this band with a few possibly confusing lyrics (I'm not in a thinking mood so it could be clear as day and I just can't see it).
  4. 7. Girls/Girls/Boys
    One of my friends introduced me to P!ATD via this song and I swear it blew my mind for a moment because someone else had recommended a different song by them and it wasn't my favourite.
  5. 6. Victorious
    This song sounds a lot like the title and has a energetic kind of happy tone to it while not have the nicest of themes threaded throughout.
  6. 5. Let's kill tonight
    I'm not sure if murder is a main theme in this song but I would happily dance to this song and sing it into my hairbrush in the morning, or, even tonight.
  7. 4. Emperors new clothes
    The first time I heard this song I kept it on repeat for an ice age. It doesn't start with the same sort of energy as many other panic songs but twists it in a kind of way. ( it's possible I just lost track of what I was saying)
  8. 3. Miss Jackson ( ft. LOLO)
    In my opinion this song is simply awesome. It may feel slightly repetitive but the energy!!!
  9. 2. New perspective
    This song features in Jennifer's body along with an All time low song. I haven't seen the movie but starting my day with this song makes me ready to take on the world.
  10. 1. Ready to go
    At the moment this is the song I will listen to for a burst of energy, Vices & Virtues is an awesome album.
  11. So, possibly a little confusingly to the people reading this I wrote from 1-10 not 10-1 and I was losing ideas for the descriptions quickly. Very sorry. But this is my list, Panic! have made heaps of more amazing songs and if you know them and have a different opinion please let me know, I have no idea how, I only just got this app.