5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

this is my first list. i think it'll be a great "getting to know me" activity for everyone. but maybe not, i'm a narcissist so i don't exactly know or really care. heh! look at my cool life!
  1. This was where I sat while waiting for the gates to open at a Lana Del Rey show this past summer.
    yeah, i'm a die-hard lana fan. not a great introduction to me as a person, i understand. she has a bad rep.
  2. Well shit. This list is just embarrassing. This is one of my favorite anime characters, Asuka Langley, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm way cooler than these last two posts are giving me credit for, I swear.
  3. Here's my mom falling asleep on the road to my hometown. Good ol' Justin, Texas. I moved to a small town in Kentucky in 2013, but still visit Texas frequently. As melancholy as it is, I feel as if my life is still there. In Kentucky I'm just a walking cum-joke machine.
  4. FUCK! This is my favorite restaurant in Cincinnati! (technically right next to Cincinnati) The place has a whole Mac & Cheese menu with each entrée being named after a famous rock band. My personal favorite is definitely the Fleetwood Mac. Oh yeah, the place is called Keystone by the way. Go there and be cleansed of your sins.
  5. This is my favorite gift I've ever received. I love Scott Pilgrim so much! My ex-girlfriend got me this for my birthday in 2014. The soundtrack fucking rocks and the actual vinyl is like a translucent red.
  6. thanks for learning about me, pervs.