Dreams I've had

  1. My brother's landlord was throwing a child's birthday party in the back yard of my brother's apartment. I was told I couldn't interact with the children because they didn't need to be influenced by me. The kids were being loud as shit and really fucking annoying. 8.26.16.
  2. Every escalator in King's Cross station was only going down, so in order to get to the top, me (and every other person in the city's rush hour) had to run up a down escalator in a pace faster than that of the escalator. 10.22.16
  3. I was leaving church and then went to open my car door and someone had flooded my car with Arby's curly fries. I kid you not; I dreamt that someone filled my car with french fries. 18.12.16
  4. A few weeks ago I had this horrible dream that all my teeth fell out one by one in the space of an evening. I remember it being really painful. And no one was being there for me because they didn't know what was wrong and I couldn't tell them because I couldn't speak because I had no teeth. It sounds funny, but it was really quite traumatic