1. VW Buses by someone who appears to think that VW Buses are a movie series of some kind.
  2. Hot tubs and regular tubs by a European kid who enjoys interior design and American hip hop, tags everything TUBLIFE.
  3. Leather goods by a person who is under the impression that leather will soon be outlawed. They also hint at creating the board to upset their unnamed vegan ex-lover.
  4. Classy Menswear by a sad person without kids but who wants them. Mostly ties he dreams of getting for Father's day.
  5. Yurt floorplans by a person who is terrified of spiders.
  6. Cob houses and Earthships by a person who thinks that Earthships can travel in space, they plan on resettling to Mars.
  7. Emergency/survival gear and gadgets by a time traveler.