Inspired by @lgw
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    My best girl @jessnobs brought forth the sweetest, friendliest, most joy-filled human baby into our unworthy world. Hello, little boy, you're going to move mountains with that smile.
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    My boyfriend and I got joint food poisoning (FROM P.F. FREAKING CHANGS) for our birthday/Valentine's day weekend. We spent Valentine's Day eve in the ER getting pumped with fluids & zofran. It was awful but wonderful to not be in it alone. That's his foot on a gurney in the hall, in the background before the squeezed us both into one room.
  3. MARCH
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    Oscar, Kim's sweet second, turned 1 in the most glorious of ways.
  4. APRIL
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    First Phillies game of the season ⚾️🔔🇺🇸 Also, I'm a firm believer that everyone, EVERYONE, even the most pretentious craft beer drinker, loves BLL. 🍺
  5. MAY
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    That time I worked out (one of like 20 times) and they had a $5 minimum to use my card so I had to pre-buy a post workout smoothie in order to get a water.
  6. JUNE
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    The time I went to the batting cages for the first time in 1000 years and even my thumb was sore. The thing about muscle memory is that, your muscles will still do the things they remember, even if the strength is all gone. So the next week you're basically an invalid. 💪🏼⚾️💕
  7. JULY
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    That time my sweet faux niece, 4 years old, Lily got a baby cellphone for a couple of weeks. And called all the time. I loved it.
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    I got hired for my first teaching job!!! Six months later and I'm in love with the tenth grade 💕
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    My desk!
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    Last (and sadly only second) beach day of the year.
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    On my lunch break!
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    Christmas yayyyyy 💃🏻🎁🎄🎅🏼💕🍾🎉