1. I don't think I've signed into list app in about 6 months
    My best girl @jessnobs gave the list app up for lent and asked me to let her know if anything really big happened. So I checked in from time to time.
  2. I loved the list app this time last year.
    I mostly dropped off because my first year of teaching started (last fall) and I was quite scatterbrained.
  3. This week was really hard.
    For a lot of different reason. The election was a big one.
  4. I teach high school at a Title 1 school in Philadelphia.
    Our students are primarily Hispanic. Something like 97% of the school population.
  5. When I woke up Wednesday morning, to get ready for school, I went through the motions with a heavy heart.
    How was I going to talk to my students? How do I speak to their fears of deportation, racism, sexism, and worthlessness? How would I do it all without crying? How would I hide my fear for them? For their families?
  6. A 15 year old girl, with glasses & braces, and her curly dark hair in a ponytail, asked me if it would now become legal for men to do anything they wanted to women. "I mean, anything, like rape."
    How is this a real question I'm answering?
  7. I'm blessed to work for a school that cares so much for our students.
    They've filled the halls with teachers who love our students deeply, who expect greatness from them, and who care deeply that they understand how skilled and empowered they truly are.
  8. The first thing I did when I reopened list app for the first time in 6 months was visit the list home of who I remembered to be the funniest and greatest list maker.
    Thank you, @dfly.
  9. I'm glad to be back.