Inspired by @bellaemath
  1. The Office
    I have watched the series all the way through definitely more than 20 times. I still laugh at the jokes and awkwardness and 'that's what she said' and yearn with Jim seasons 1-3 for Pam even though I know how it ends, and fall in love with Mindy Kaling all over again. This show holds up, 100%, over and over. It is the television equivalent of my favorite old hoodie that I will never ever throw away.
  2. Parks & Recreation
    I firmly believe that there has never been a television character more endearing than Leslie Barbara Knope. AS IF that's not enough, that cast is un-freaking-believable. Ron Swanson, pinnacle of manliness and succinct, yet prolific, pearls of wisdom, Donna Meagle, unsuspecting and fabulously sassy gentleman's lady, use him, abuse him, lose him, Tom Haverford's inflated sense of self, face & entrepreneurial, albeit ridiculous, spirit, made better only by Jean Ralphio, ANDY AND APRIL! BEN WYATT!
  3. Friends
    Much like Taylor Swift's red lips & Harry Styles' white tee, they never go out of style. #wewereonabreak