1. I love handwritten notes, letters, sayings.
    I have a scrap piece of cardboard that my bff @jessnobs wrote an encouraging verse for me, with a sharpie, in a giant frame on my wall. I love that it's homemade and raw and little messy.
  2. I am borderline obsessed with mugs. I have a mug cabinet, and am weirdly protective and in love with MY mugs. My favorites rotate depending on my mood. A mug that somehow represents your town/city/state I would love!
  3. Anything and everything Harry Potter. Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, FYI.
  4. Books, books, books! I love David Sedaris & Harry Potter & Steinbeck & Hemingway & Joyce. I'm an English major and a HS English teacher.
  5. anything you think is cool!