In honor of her 29th birthday today, I present to you, the list app community, @jessnobs:
  1. On learning life's tough lessons at a young age.
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  2. On me getting over that she stopped watching Grey's Anatomy.
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  3. On why getting overwhelmed or scared thinking about marriage with, and as, imperfect people, is ok and still beautiful.
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  4. On me watching my first ep of The Walking Dead.
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  5. On trying to lessen the blow of her dying her beachy-blonde-hair-that-matched-mine to brown.
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  6. There are one thousand more but sadly I only have a 16gb iPhone and, much like Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Titanic' character, Jack Dawson, they exist now only in my memory.
  7. I love you, J. 💕
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