1. Everything takes too long to dry--my hair, my body, my eyelashes, under-boob.
  2. The smoke detector going off when the steam leaves the bathroom after I'm done.
  3. Stuff in my eyes. Conditioner, face wash, leftover makeup or lotion.
  4. Shaving. The more I put it off, the worse it is and the longer it takes. If I try to cut corners and not use shaving cream or conditioner my legs are drier than than the Sahara.
  5. Getting back up after I sit down on the bathtub floor.
  6. My thick curly tangly hair is a chore to wash & detangle. It takes literally 25 minutes minimum just to wash/condition/finger-comb.
  7. The amount of work I still have to do after I'm out of the shower--hair products, hair driers, curling wand, etc. I will never have the kind of hair that lets you do nothing and dry naturally.
  8. Other people's hair in the hair-catcher.