Evaluating Biotech

  1. What are you manipulating biologically? Why?
  2. How does the manipulation improve the disease process? What evidence?
  3. What is the most compelling data, and what does it prove?
  4. What disease state are you trying to improve?
  5. What is the nearest technology to yours? How is yours differentiated?
  6. How was it perceived? Financially? Clinically?
  7. What pathway are you pursuing? How relevant is it to the disease process? Which target and why?
  8. What evidence supports your rationale?
  9. What assays were used?
  10. What is the Rx mode, is it the best mode?
  11. What route of admin? What is the market leaders route of admin?
  12. What is the most compelling data you have and how does it support scientific rationale? Why is this compelling? Better model? Better data? Can it be compared to data from similar preclinical data from marketed drug?
  13. Differntiate your therapeutic over the Standard of Care-SOC, and over market leader?