1. My family home has always been notoriously cold except for a tiny bathroom off the kitchen that also had a hearing vent, meaning we would migrate there for heat. Then it became a traditional hiding place during social functions. Here, my brothers and I are all crammed into it at Christmas time (John's in the sink).
  2. This is my parents' medical school graduating class. These class photos are displayed in the hallways of the hospital's teaching facilities, where I'm also now training. I like how 80s and young my parents are.
  3. Photo of myself in Peace River for the first time. I took a hike up its many hills on a fall morning. I took a picture of myself because it was so beautiful and I was so happy and felt free and invigorated and full of the future.
  4. My boyfriend and I dressed up as Moonrise Kingdom. I love how happy I am with him, laughing at something instead of posing properly.
  5. This snapchat of our father from my brother sums up all of our relationships with our father.
  6. Because Kauai was paradise and I want to go back.
  7. My boyfriend and I in the Jewish Museum in Berlin, in the Wishing Tree. A beautiful idea and a powerful museum, and he looks handsome and I love him.
  8. We're in Saint-Remy-de-Provence for the summer solstice, and there's dancing all through the streets, with these beautiful spontaneous French people. I loved that night and I love this picture for being equally alive.
  9. When I went to London and I was 15 or so, I have this memory of the beautiful trees outside the British Museum at night, the noise they made, how their leaves looked. It felt like something Virginia Woolf had also experienced and written about, maybe in The Waves. These are those trees, revisited at 25.
  10. This is a rock called Fiddler's Rock just outside the fishing village in Scotland where my father's family was from. There's a graveyard there filled with my family's names. I wrote a story about this rock when I was 14 after our family travelled here. The rock is covered in seagulls roosting, crying out.
  11. What my brother drew on my chalkboard. To the right, what my dad added. Classic.
  12. Folk Fest, forever and always, when you sit on the hill at night and watch the lights come out.
  13. My brothers and I hiking in the Rockies, being assholes. William is purposely having it point on his penis.
  14. That's a signed poster. Signed by Chris Carter (who added "The Truth is Out There"), Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny. Procured by a relative of ours who works for the production company of the new X-files season who asked me for my shortbread recipe. Finally, baking pays off.