Hi. My name is Meghan and I'm a lipstick hoarder.
  1. 'Lust For Blush' by Maybelline
    My all time favorite lipstick. I wear this about 93.5% of the time.
  2. 'Vibrant Violet' by Maybelline
    Again, a great color. I mix this with 'Lust For Blush' a lot.
  3. 'Lust For Blush' by Maybelline
    I carry a backup...
  4. 'Airborne Unicorn' by LimeCrime
    LimeCrime is still pretty cool in my book. Good lipstick is good lipstick.
  5. 'Bauhaus' by Kat Von D
    You can't see me, but I'm bowing down to this lipstick right now.
  6. 'Jungle Queen' by Lipstick Queen
    The perfect orange lipstick, in my opinion.
  7. 'Veronica' by Anastasia Beverley Hills
    Liquid lipstick at its finest.
  8. 'L.U.V.' by Kat Von D
    Again, bowing down. Brightest fuchsia color I have seen in a long time. Also a liquid lipstick.
  9. 'Cherry Me' by Maybelline
    From their original 'Baby Lips' line. I have to buy it every time I see it. Every. Time.
  10. 'Soothing Sorbet' by Maybelline
    From the 'Baby Lips - Dr. Rescue' line. Do yourself a favor and buy this. Right now. Just stop what you're doing and go.
  11. I seriously have all of these with me right now, lol! I basically have an addiction. They're all in the same color family, with the exception of the orange one, and I love them all!
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