Movies I’ll Always Watch if They’re on Tv

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot...
  1. A Christmas Story
    At 5pm, then again at 6:30p, then again at 8p, then again at 9:30p, then again at 11p, then again at 12:30a...
  2. The Devil Wears Prada
    Because of the clothes. 💁🏻 I live for the scene where her outfits change - in particular the last outfit. Gives me life 🙌🏼 Also, Meryl.
  3. 50 First Dates
  4. Billy Madison
  5. Big Daddy
  6. Anything Adam Sandler really...
  7. The Net
    My girl, Sandra Bullock
  8. The Way, Way Back
  9. Grease
  10. Jurassic Park
  11. The Breakfast Club
  12. Knocked Up
    Even the E!, made for tv version where they cut out all the bad parts.
  13. The Karate Kid
    The first one only. Ok, and the Hilary Swank version.
  14. Never Been Kissed
  15. Empire Records
    Which never comes on enough, in my opinion.
  16. Selena
    But only up until where they confront Yolanda. I don't need to relive that part ever...