I'm sure I'm missing some... Will add later... Possibly... Maybe... Ok, prob not...
  1. 😑
    #1 - hands down. I mean, the expression says it all.
  2. 😒
    Classic eye roll... Has various meanings.
  3. ✔️
    Mostly used for checking off that I've paid my bill. From a list I have on my notes app. ( Well, well... Making lists before lists were cool 😏 )That check mark is like, "YASSS! Bill paid, son!!"
  4. 😏
    Either I've just bragged abt something e.g. My last emoji explanation OR "you know what I'm talking abt" face
  5. 👊🏼
    Either I mean "bump my fist" or I've just punched your face via text. Whichever is more relevant to the situation, really...
  6. 💣💥
    I just blew up. Either from excitement or sheer anger.
  7. 😁
  8. 💁🏻
    Don't hate me cuz you ain't me
  9. 🐱
    Because cats
  10. ⭐️💵
    Starbucks... Get it? Basically that I want Starbucks, or you need to get me Starbucks, or do you want something from Starbucks as well bc I'm abt to get something for myself at Starbucks so you better hurry up and respond...