First and foremost, I 'snooze' about 3 times before I actually get up...
  1. Instagram
    I usually just scroll though until I see the last picture I saw the day before... Anyone else do that?
  2. Facebook
    As much as I hate that this is included in my routine, I still check it. I don't know why I don't just delete this damn thing; that'd be the easy solution. But it's like a car wreck that you wanna look away, but you have to stare at it because your boss is making you... 😒 I would be the boss in this scenario.
  3. Emails
    Lots and lots of emails...
  4. (((This is where good things start happening)))
  5. Pinterest
    I'm. Obsessed. With. Pinterest. I check all my messages, notifications, go through my home feed, etc. I might pin one or two things as I go along, but mostly I save it until I get to work so that way I have something to do. 🙃
  6. Snapchat
    I've just recently added this to my routine. A friend of mine finally convinced me to download it and I'm super obsessed, like I knew I would be... Come to think of it, she's also the one who got me addicted to Pinterest.... damn you. ☠
  7. The List App
    And lastly is this gem right here. Can you say obsesssedddd?!!!?? 🤗🤗🤗 Now I know you're probably like, "Meghan, if you love this app so much, why do you save it till the end?" Well I do that, my dear, because I like to save the best apps for the end. They're the ones that have my upmost, undivided attention and I like to take my sweet time checking them. I feel that getting through all the oldies but goodies first, makes the ending that much sweeter.