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Two months late, but 🤷🏻‍♀️
  1. Find the best Acai Bowl in NYC
    Not really a resolution but still
  2. Find any kind of exercise/sport that I enjoy and stick with it. Kickboxing? Yoga? Cardio Barre? Try it all!
    Don't think about what other people might be saying/thinking about you. Focus on YOU.
  3. Read more
    Already accomplished, thanks to the brand new library in the neighborhood. Read new books instead of just rereading old ones! Be open.
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hey, i joined list a long time ago but i haven't posted anything because i have an irrational fear of sharing things about myself. here's to 2017 and letting go of some of these fears...and other things ☄️
  1. Jake Tapper
    He was great in that interview with Kellyanne Conway and then I saw him on Conan and Colbert...hubba hubba
  2. Kevin Garrett
    I've been obsessed with KG since I listened to Pray You Catch Me (🍋) and then I heard Mellow Drama. It's been practically the only thing I've listened to since April (not exaggerating). He just came out with a new EP called False Hope. So good.
  3. On Beauty by Zadie Smith
    I read this for The Novel seminar a few years back and remember disliking it for reasons I can't remember. I picked it back up out of curiosity and this time I was hooked. Cried on the subway twice.
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